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The clearing of the area is taking place
30. March 2021

The voluntary community workers in Oluundje are meeting every Saturday to promote the erection of the school building. Until mid-May, their plan is to finish the clearing and fencing procedures.

The construction plan for the school in Oluundje is finished
05. March 2021

Last month, we had two very fruitful virtual meetings with our Namibian project partners. Now, we have a detailed project plan for the erection of a community center in Oluundje: we are going to start this year with the building process! First preliminary work (clearing of the area, fencing, etc.) even has started already on a voluntary basis.


The water supply that has been established in 2017 is at the disposal of every Oluundje community member. The water expenses are self-funded with small contributions (4 € / a).
In total, we proudly look back to 8 years of trustful collaboration and are now ready to realize the final project.

More than 2000 face masks handed out
15. September 2020

Since the beginning of the campaign, five volunteer in Otjiwarongo have sewed 2173 face masks. The protection gear was distributed to schools, hospitals and people in need Otjiwarongo area. Around 650 masks were sold to a minimum price to make the project self-sustained. With the generated income and the donations, groceries for 48 indigent families were provided. 

Big thanks to all volunteers and donors!!!


The first face-masks are handed out to schools
28. June 2020

In the past week, 600 face-masks were provided to six schools in the Otjiwarongo area. The donations were received by the headmasters of the schools in a solemn ceremony. The constituency councillor appreaciated praised the support of the voluntary task force and the donations from Soulfood Namibia.

Sewing machines for protection gear
18. June 2020

Your support enabled our partners to purchase five sewing machines, fabrics, a thermometer, and enough sanitizer. Within the next days the Ohote COVID-19 task force will produce more than 2000 face masks an distribute them among people in need in the area of Otjiwarongo.

4. June 2020

We are happy to give you a short update about our recent activities:

New board member
As decided in our annual meeting we have now a new board member: Alexander Lodermeyer. Simon, whom Alex succeeds, will continue to support us as a “honorary chairman”.

Planning next projects
Over the last months we had several board meetings via skype to discuss current activities. Since Namibia has also been hit by Corona facing a lock-down, the face to face meetings of our partners had to be postponed. Travelling, particularly between North and South, got highly regulated. Subsequently also kindergarten and schools were shut down. Nevertheless Josef, Isak, Hofeni and Co have gathered cost estimates and construction plans for the school building and a preliminary shelter to store material. As soon as the lock-down is over, we will continue to jointly drive these projects.

Sewing school for protective masks
After some time in isolation Josef has initiated a task force to help the needy who don’t even have the basics for life. Together we have decided to support the community with the obligatory protective equipment. To do so, Soulfood Namibia has provided 2.500€ for sewing machines and tissues. Volunteers are going to produce 2.000 protective masks for vulnerable community members. After the corona period the emergency tailoring will be redesigned to become a sewing school for the community. So the project will be another example for sustainable collaboration in line with our principles.

It’s quite rare to have a partner and friend like Josef who relenlessly helps others out of intrinsic motivation. Through him we are able to make a difference.

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annual meeting on October 4th at 3 pm (online via Zoom)