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Our Principles

The term "development cooperation" is increasingly replacing the previously used term "development aid". We don't want to dwell on terminology, we want to take action, because we are convinced that only the concept of cooperation can lead to success. In concrete terms, this means that motivation, ideas and implementation must arise and take place on site. We only contribute to the success of this process with the means at our disposal.

Project Locations

Current Projects
Exhumba Garden - Regenerative fruit and vegetable garden

Exhumba garden

In northern Namibia, people often live without running water and electricity and mostly practice a traditional subsistence economy, which is really difficult on the often depleted sandy soils and severe dry periods. Agricultural use is mostly limited to the almost monocultural cultivation of mahangu, beans and pumpkin species, with often extremely low yields, also because the knowledge of suitable crop rotation, supplementary planting and soil care (e.g. through compost) is not or no longer available.

Our partners in Berlin - the 11th class of the FWS in Prenzlauer Berg and on site, Memory and Epafras Haihambo, want to set up a sustainable and regenerative fruit and vegetable garden as a pilot project, which is specially designed for the special conditions in northern Namibia. As a teaching garden, it will also be an example and a basis for helping her and other villages in the area to build more food diversity, income and independence as well as a meaningful community. .

The donation volume for the project is € 12.375.

Completed Projects
School building in the village center of Oluundje - 2023


The municipality of Oluundje is located in Ovamboland in northern Namibia and was founded a few generations ago by the then herd owner "Mwakotoka".

Until recently, there were no public institutions in the community. The central village square housed only a shelter. In addition, the entire municipal area had neither a drinking water supply nor electricity until now. In order to attend elementary school, the children had to walk about 10 km to school. The nearest medical care facility is 30 km away, the nearest hospital is even 120 km away. An unreasonable burden, especially for pregnant women and the chronically ill, such as tuberculosis patients.
In spring 2023 we completed the construction of a primary school building in the center of Oluundje village.

The volume of donations for the project was € 36,000.


Drinking water pipe to the village center of Oluundje - 2018
Volunteers from the municipality of Oluunndje jointly laid a 5.5 km long water pipeline. A water tank was built as storage. The water pipe is now used jointly and managed by monthly contributions.

The volume of donations for the construction was € 6,000.

trench1truck with pipes